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My name is Tracey-lee Psychic/Medium and  I struggled with my Psychic Ability too but once I learned the meanings behind the Tarot Cards all became clear, just like you can to!


Then I Learned to Read Tarot, and everything changed and my love for Tarot took hold.   Now I want to show you that too!

The tarot cards are in instrument to enhance your intuition, always rely on what you know to be the truth, listen to your heart….Tracey-lee 

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Tracey-lee has been working as a professional Psychic/Medium for over 15 years, although she has had the ability to receive messages since a child  a near death experience in her 30’s opened a window to her intuition and ability, even then she  didn’t start using her abilities until her 40’s and pass on messages and bring intuitive guidance and balance to people’s lives.  Tracey-lee describes the messages she receives as listening through “fog”,but Tracey-lee’s honest and down to earth delivery of her messages take people by surprise with accurate details, such as names, descriptions of places, people, which give validation and genuine connection.   Her reputation as one of Australia’s leading spiritualist, reading with honesty and integrity is rewarding her hard work with clients throughout Australia and overseas.  With over 400 live platform appearances and more to come Tracey-lee travels extensively throughout Australia bring Psychic Platform Events to people who would not normally be able to attend a private reading.  During the evening Tracey-lee has the unique ability to switch from Mediumship and Psychic Ability with rare ease, and with audience participation to ask questions many people receive and intuitive guidance reading.  Tracey-lee endeavours to read as many guests on the evenings as possible.  
Her reputation as one of Australia’s leading spiritualist, reading with honesty and integrity is rewarding her hard work with clients throughout Australia and overseas.


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Tracey-lee reads a guest and it is her first time (ever) having a reading...



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Our Psychic Readers have been hand picked by me, and can deliver you and Intuitive Psychic Reading to give you answers,  some direction and balance into  your life…. 

Sarah Psychic/Medium

As a young child I could always see messages and was not sure why, but once I started to embrace what was being shown to me through my loved ones passed over, my intuition has increased.  I have developed my psychic ability an intuition through Tarot Cards which has opened up the connections which are being shown to me.

Kira Psychic/Medium

Kira is an up and coming Psychic/Medium with a rare caring personality. Kira has been enhancing her ability through the use of Tarot. Which has allowed her to bring her ability out and receive messages from loved ones passed over.

Sam Psychic/Medium

I have always had a knowing/seeing of things that were going to happen since childhood, and also after the birth of my 1st daughter.   I have grown in my spiritual journey by being open to it. Thanks mainly to Tracey-lee's Tarot course that mentored me to not only read tarot but understand and control my gift. I hope to help people and guide them with genuine messages and continue growing on my own spiritual journey.