Welcome to Symphony of Spirit

Welcome to Symphony of Spirit

Welcome to Symphony of Spirit

Welcome to Symphony of Spirit

Welcome to Symphony of Spirit

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31 Days of Mindfulness

Day 1 Plan to succeed

Do yourself a favour and set aside 5-10 minutes on your mindfulness each day.

Write it in your calendar and make time for it!

Day 2 Be positive

Write a list of words affirming who you are

Organised, Generous, Sassy          

Day 3 Eat Well

Throw away the diet, and look at what your eating, change soda for water, reduce sugar!

Day 4 Feel Proud

We all have something in our life that we are proud of, kids, home, husband, studying, now is the time to celebrate what you are proud of!


Day 5 Get Outside

Get outside, soak up some sunshine, and rejuvenate with some Vitamin D.

Day 6 Try something new

As the word say Try something new! You can be daring & adventurous with this one or it can be as simple as “a new recipe”

Day 7 Play that funky music

What do they say Music is the Key to the Soul? So lets get out there and unlock that Soul, play music, loud, often, in the car, while cooking…


Day 8 Do something you love

It does not matter what it is as long as you love to do it, craft, hobby, Yoga, Dance Class

Day 9 Notice your skills

Everyone has something they are good at! Use it!

Day 10 Get outside

Get outside in the Fresh Air, Sunshine or even in the rain!  A walk in the country or even if it is only a walk around the block!

Day 10 Nurture your body

Everyone of us has something we are lacking, enough water, enough fibre, boost your nutrients with a smoothie

Day 11 Get Active

Today is the day 30 minutes of  moving, walk, run, dance, cycle, swim

Day 12 Say NO

It is ok to say NO to something or someone, especially if it means you can say YES to something for yourself. #inspiration #motivation #spiritual #mindfulness #psychic #medium

Day 13 Get some Girl Time

Round up your besties, and go out, dinner, movie, or dancing!

Day 14 Tune in

Find a “self-help” podcast or app and take time to chill

Day 15 Reflect

Look back on the past 6 months and see what life has taught you!

Day 16 Sort out stress

Figure out what is stressing you out?  It may be the housework? If possible why not out source it! It may  be the evening meal? Why not opt for one of those            Healthy Food Boxes??

Day 17 Be kind to yourself

Give yourself permission to be kind to yourself, talk to you as if you were giving someone else advice…….Hey Girl, it’s ok if you don’t do the dusting!

Day 18  Have an early night

What a difference a Great night’s sleep makes, have an early night get in bed and relax the night away.

Day 19 Write a love letter

This is such a great thing to do, you don’t even have to post it, you can do the “50 shades of Grey” type or just a simple post-it note one!

Day 20 Be Creative

Even the most un-creative person can get this one happening, it can be as simple as and adult                                                                                                   colouring book, which are everywhere now.

Day 21 See your true Beauty

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder… the saying goes and it is true but we should take the time to see the beauty in ourselves, it is there you just have to believe it.

Day 22 Be thankful

This should be a big big list of what you are thankful, grateful for, the list should be endless, once you start try and get to 10 things, then 20, then …..   

Day 23 Reach out

A very had lesson for most of us, asking for help or assistance with something!

People are often happy to help if we let them.

Day 24 Visit a place you love

Take a trip to a place you love, or at least look at a photo of a place you love it could be a particular seaside photo of somewhere you went when you were a child.  Reflect on what makes you happy about this place.

Day 25 Pamper yourself.

Go ahead take the plunge book that spa treatment or get your Nails or Hair Done.

   A little pampering now and then is good for the soul

Day 26 Practice Forgiveness

For most of us this is a hard one, forgiving ourselves, take 20 minutes to sit down in a quiet spot and silently over and over say a loving mantra to yourself.

Day 27 Choose to be happy

We all have choices in life, and to be happy is one of them.  It is not up to everyone else to make us happy, that is your own job.  So choose to be happy.

Day 28 Seize this Day

Be spontaneous if something comes up that you would normally say No to Go For it!  If someone say’s lets go for lunch……Do it, or if an opportunity presents itself, take the opportunity and run with it.

Day 29 Write a Journal

This is a great exercise to do, start writing about your feelings, don’t hold back it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense that’s not the point. Its not for anyone to read, its for you to voice your feelings and let go of them.

Day 30 See your bestie

Catch up with your BFF a phone call, coffee, and spend some quality time, listening talking laughing.

Day 31  Breathe  #inspiration #motivation #spiritual #mindfulness #psychic #medium

Download the 31 Days of Mindfulness PDF



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