Tracey-lee Psychic/Medium – Interview Lounge Chat

Join Tracey-lee Psychic/Medium on the Lounge, where she answers questions all about Psychic Ability, Controlling Voices, and she speaks about
Cold Cases, and the age old question “Are you a Fortune Teller?”.

I sat casually one afternoon and asked some hard hitting questions (60 Minutes Style).  One of Tracey-lee’s traits is how genuine and honest she is in all aspects of her life.  Her Psychic Life is not different.  I started by asking her about not wanting to tell someone something in a reading.  As she explain it was for her own safety, and was also shown in the reading not to say anything.

It becomes increasingly obvious about the answer to my next question.  Do you like being a Psychic?  I work with Tracey-lee very closely and have also known her for the last 22 years and she loves what she does and it shines through, especially when you see her connect with the people she is reading.  She laughed at me with my next question about what Ability you would like enhanced, I actually thought she would call on a super-power! LOL.

Tracey-lee has always said that “I won’t admit to hearing voices” but as you listen she explains how she hears and see’s messages, and that Spirits sometimes come home, or pop in now and then.  Many years ago, once Tracey-lee had picked up the Tarot Cards, I can recall sitting on the side of the road, (at the Gutters edge) and her giving me a reading, to which I said that isn’t going to happen. (and did one of many times).  So do her friends ask for Readings, well you can image everyone, becomes your friend.  Tracey-lee has always answered her friends questions and In my case given me warnings and the heads up!

I have witnessed first hand at some of the extraordinary insights Tracey-lee have given people, and when I asked her about seeing “Cold-Case’ Stories, I could tell in her eye’s she had been taken straight back there, remembering what messages had come through.

Are you a Fortune Teller?  This question is one of those for both of us that get the hackles up, and Tracey-lee explains why.  My next to questions focus on what happens when Tracey-lee herself goes for a reading and also if she has a ritual before starting her readings.


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