The Loving Kindness – Meditation

This meditation, should be the easy one, in my mind, but it is the one I struggle with, not for most parts, but as you read you will understand why.

In Buddhist meditaion, there are two different terms for compassion – met and Karuna.  Metta, or loving kindness, is the wish for others to be well, and karuna is the wish fro other to be free of suffering.  Taking this one step further we are also going to be helping ourselves to be well and free of suffering. 

The Benefits of this practice, it encourages openness and empathy.  Do this meditation once a week or whenever you feel negative about someone or self-preoccupied. Appoximately 40 minutes. 

Now is the time to set your mantra     “May I be free from suffering”  “May I be at peace”   or “May I experience loving kindness for myself.  May I enjoy happiness, health, and peace”.

Sit down in a quiet place, free of distractions and undisturbed for 20-40 minutes.

    • As you imagine yourself, inhale and silently say these words to yourself “May I be free from suffering”.  As you exhale, silently say these words to yourself “May I be at peace”  Repeat this for 5-10 minutes.  Feel the sincere intention of the words as you say them.
    • Now imagine someone you love and cherish, This may even be a loved one.  As you think of this person as you inhale silently extend the following wish to them “May you be free from suffering” as you exhale, “May you be at peace”  Repeat 5-10 minutes
    • Next imagine someone whom you consider has done something wrong by you or your family, as you imagine this person inhale and silently extend the following “May you be free from suffering” exhale “May you be at peace”.  Repeat 5-10 minutes.
    • Also imagine your family, or your community etc. As you inhale “May you all be free from suffering” as you exhale “May you all be at peace.  Repeat 5-10 minutes. 

Once finished take some deep breaths, open your eyes and get up slowly.

For alternatives you could extend this to Compass Points, extending loving kindness to people North, South, East, West. 

As I said in the beginning this is a hard meditation, and you may need to work up to 5 minutes or 10 minutes.  You may have to adjust what you are saying.  But the principle remains the same. 

Set a timer at 5 minutes, if needed. 

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