Symphony of Spirit Meditation Beginners Blue Sky Visualization

Symphony of Spirit Blue Sky Visualization

Symphony of Spirit Blue Sky Visualization

Visualize the sun in a clear, blue sky – radiant, life-giving, warm.   Now clouds move in on a cold wind, covering the sky in a grey blanket.  Above the clouds, the sun continues shining, unconditionally, indifferent to the presence of clouds.

Above the Could, the sky is still blue.

Notice how you feel when you think of the dark clouds.

Now notice how you feel when you think of the light of the sun shining high above it all.

If you have ever had to go to a psychologist, (like I have, after an extremely horrific accident) this is one of the meditations, that was implemented to me…..Our memories of the beach on a clear day, bring back happy thoughts, or for you it might be a hike in the mountains, that brings back happy memories, it does not matter where it is as long as it it something or somewhere you love to go.  With this visualization,  practice your breathing, breathing in find calm, breathing out release tension, also visualisation is quite hard so you will have to take it slowly, but once mastered can be every effective.

Visualize a clear blue sky, enveloping you.  Then an open field, with its light green grass.  In the distance, dark green Trees surround it.  Imagine a gentle breeze, smoothing the grass, and blowing into the woods…….

Relax your mind, and remain detached for a while.

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