Symphony of Spirit – Walking Meditation

Beginners Walking Mediation or Moving Meditation

This meditation is good to do as a continuation to the Sitting Meditation, and can be done inside or outside (weather permitting), and again with or without shoes. 

Once standing take a deep breath into your belly, and release, feel your feet on the ground or floor, keep breathing deeply as you become aware of your feet connecting to floor.

As you inhale raise your right heal, shift your weight to your left foot, exhale as you step with your right foot and place your heal down on the ground in front of you as you then slowly raise your left heal.  As you inhale raise your left foot completely off the ground and mid-step pause and hold your foot there for as long as you can.

While exhaling bring your left foot down heal first and complete the step. As your left foot touches the ground raise your right foot and hold it mid-step pausing again and balance on your left foot.  Exhaling bring your right foot down heel first to complete the step.

Repeat for 21 breaths, stopping mid stride in each step.  Walking Meditation is typically done in a circle, you can also increase the time as well for as long as you wish.  If practicing in a group try to time your breathing together.

Download our 4-6 Week Beginners Meditation 


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