Symphony of Spirit – Body Light Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation Using Healing Light Visualisation.

Symphony of Spirit - Meditation

Symphony of Spirit – Meditation

Some people find that colours of light have different healing properties, eg White Light for Protection,

the following uses healing visualisation to restore a sense of relaxed balance to your body.

Find a quite comfortable place where you can lay down preferably although you could sit if you had to.  Close your eyes and count in your head, take in 3 deep breaths.

Now imaging an invisible wheel spinning at your feet, which has the power to heal, and release tension, stress and to leave only calm and relaxation, healing and wellbeing behind.  (Just like being in a MRI machine) As the spinning wheel moves through your body it repairs the body as it moves, imagine seeing this wheel as a colour of Light, White, Green, Orange, Blue….  you may find that one colour works best for you.

. Begin with your feet, with the light of the wheel moving slowly scanning from your soles through your feet, removing tension and stress, Image your feet feeling relaxed and restored.

. The Light moves scanning your shins and calves. Don’t rush this again the light is scanning through relaxing and restoring as it moves slowly up through your bones.

. Moving upwards, scanning through your knees, thighs, groin, hips, the spinning Light as it rotates, releases tension and stress, whilst again restoring, and repairing all of the muscles.

. Now the spinning wheel with it’s healing energy is moving through your internal organs, restoring them also to restore and repair them.

. Your imaginary spinning wheel is now travelling through your back, ribs, spine, then moving onto your lungs and heart.  All the time spinning light slowly through, releasing tension, stress and healing energy to repair your body.

. Imagine now that the spinning wheel with it’s healing light is spinning at the tips of your fingers and moving through your hands, to your wrists, arms,  and elbows, again releasing tension and repairing any damage as it moves through your arms to your shoulders.

. Next the spinning light moves upward through the neck, chin, jaw, cheeks, eyes, ears and  forehead working on all the tension and stress stored in the muscles of the face and neck.  Feel the healing light releasing and healing as it moves through to the top of the head.

. Take a few moments to imaging the spinning wheel above your head, and notice how your body feels, relaxed and lighter with each breath, after being surrounded by the Spinning Light.

. Now imaging that your Spinning Wheel with it’s healing Light travels back down through the top of your head face, ears, chin, jaw neck, wiping away any trace of stress or tension. Removing any pain and discomfort and leaving a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

. Moving slowly down through the torso and forearms releasing and removing any trace of tension & stress, your spinning light retraces its steps through the body move slowly again repairing and releasing.

. As your spinning light is working it’s powers of healing moving now through your hips, legs knees, feet and toes, working on all of the muscles and bones, restoring and repairing, releasing stress and tension.

. Your toes and soles of the feet feel the release of the Illuminating light and your body feels the lightness of the state of relaxation the body has experienced.  Take this moment to rest and breath, before gently rolling onto your side and sitting up.

      The Visual Healing Body Scan technique should take about 25-30 minutes, but it is quite difficult to master, you may find to start that you don’t experience anything.  But persistence, with this routine will be a great reward.  Also at first you may find yourself falling asleep, which will result in a deep restful sleep.  So the best time to do any Body Scan is early morning or early afternoon. 

         A good guide is to ask yourself before starting on a scale of 1-10 how stressed do you feel, and then ask the same question at the end of the Body Scan.

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