7 Chakra’s Explained

To  understand Chakra’s we have to take a step back and look at this from an external spot and visualize the 7 Chakra’s as energy centres in our body where energy flows through.  The energy centres are linked to our mental, physical and spiritual characteristics.

Your Chakra’s can become blocked (under-active) or too open (over-active) when our Chakra’s are out of balance we can in turn become unbalanced which can lead to illness and emotional blocks creating an unhealthy condition(s).

Each Chakra represents individual energy centres, once you understand each one and how to keep your energy flowing you can achieve an excellent quality of life for yourself.  Download the 7 Chakra’s Explained

Try to meditate whilst clearing your Chakra’s  Body Scan Meditation can be incorporated or modified to encompass all of the 7 Chakra’s or you can just focus on one.  Simply start the Body Scan at the Root Chakra with the spinning wheel and the colour and move through the body.  Body Scan Meditation



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