Learn to Read Tarot

Do you have questions that need to be answered?

Learn to read Tarot, to find out the meanings behind the cards, and answer questions in your life.

Learn to Read Tarot


My name is Tracey-lee Psychic/Medium and  I struggled with my Psychic Ability to but once I learned the meanings behind the Tarot Cards all became clear, just like you can to!

Then I Learned to Read Tarot, and everything changed and my love for Tarot took hold.   Now I want to show you that too!

The tarot cards are in instrument to enhance your intuition, always rely on what you know to be the truth, listen to your heart….Tracey-lee 

Learn to Read Tarot

The Spreads

Learn about the 3-Card Draw!

Learn to Read Tarot

The Workbook

Easy to follow Workbook.

Learn to Read Tarot

The Deck

Traditional Rider Waite 78 Card Deck

Tracey-lee’s love of the Tarot and down to earth approach, makes this course easy to follow and un-complicated.  For the novice or seasoned reader alike.

Video Tutorials to take you from Novice to Reader!

Learn to Read Tarot

The Major Arcana’s

Tracey-lee walks you through the Major Arcana’s.

Step by Step

Learn to Read Tarot


The Celtic Cross, Daily Draw Card, & 6 Card Spread ! How to read the layouts!

Learn to Read Tarot

The Court Cards

The Court Cards, Ace, King’s, Queen’s, Knight’s, and Page’s.

Tracey-lee explains these cards and their relationships.

Learn to Read Tarot

Bonuses & Freebies

Here is a short main learning from this module. 2 lines tops!

Learn to Read Tarot

The Minor Arcana’s

The Minor Arcana cards, Wands, Cups, Pentacles & Swords.

The balance of the Deck explained.

Learn to Read Tarot

Tarot Team Facebook Group

Here is a short main learning from this module. 2 lines tops!

What makes THIS COURSE so different?

Tracey-lee is with you all the way, with Step by Step Video Tutorials, Downloadable Workbook, Tarot Team Q&A’s (Facebook Group)

Tracey-lee Psychic/Medium with Students at a Workshop!

“I had the pleasure of participating in the The Art & Mystery of Tarot Workshop with Psychic and Medium Tracey-Lee and host Sue. Not only was the course fun and easy to understand, it was designed to gently introduce you and ease you into the wonderful world of tarot. The course was taught with a very user friendly approach that allowed you to gain confidence and master honing your new found skills quickly; whilst all the while learning and understanding the basic rules and guidelines around giving readings. This course not only gave me great pleasure but opened my mind up to a new way of thinking and amazing experiences. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in learning the art of tarot reading. Anita Martin”

    Ready to go? Here are all the details

    Have you been looking for the answers, to life’s questions?  Or would you like to know what the cards are saying?  Tracey-lee walks you through the process, concisely and clearly. Stop thinking about what might be and let the cards guide you!



    Over 16 Video Tutorials working through the Major Arcana’s, Court Cards, Minor Arcana’s, Spreads and More

    Downloadable 20 page Workbook, written by Tracey-lee

    Membership to Tarot Team a closed Facebook Group, only for Course Members.

    Learn to Read Tarot


    AUD $297 NOW $97 EOFYS TILL 30/6/2018

    Learn to Read Tarot

    Have questions? Email symphonyofspirit@gmail.com

    All in all an Awesome Course!

    “The online course was great and Tracey-lee’s video’s were full of information.  I loved the layout sheets, they were a massive help!” – Sarah Kane

    I would highly recommend this Course!

    “I would like to thank Tracey-lee for making me feel welcomed, Tracey-lee then started to explain the Tarot in layman’s terms which was great and made it easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this course” Evelyn McNiel

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